I’m 32 now. For some reason, I have looked forward to this age in particular. Saying that I am 32 just comes off the tongue well. Maybe I’ve associated 32 with being really (REALLY) grown. I remember setting goals some time ago of having an album, 2 kids, piano proficiency, and a house by 32. Well, I failed to reach any of those goals, but that is okay. God apparently had other plans for me, and I’m not complaining.

I celebrated my birthday in a variety of ways. First, as custom, Lacey and I had lunch at Cheesecake factory and I had the stuffed tortillas. They weren’t as tasty as I remember them, but I did eradicate the plate nevertheless. Then, we went to the mall during the middle of the day, walked around, and bought of a few minor things.

The next night, my best friend Sean, David, Robert and John took me out to Hopdoddy to talk about sports, comic books, and AMC shows, amongst other things. It was my first time going to Hopdoddy, but I loved it. Their burgers were amazing and the shake I had was lethal. The atmosphere was cool and I had a great time hanging out with the guys for a change. I realize I don’t get much of that and it was refreshing. Well, with the new chapter of my life beginning, this will become a little more common.

The next day Lacey and I went to check out Top Golf for the first time (pics below). I had heard nothing but good things about this place from friends and co-workers since it opened. Boy, it did not disappoint. We went on a Thursday at 1:00pm in the afternoon, the place was not crowded at all,  and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day to hit golf balls. We ordered some lunch – Lacey had a farmhouse flatbread and I had chicken and waffle sliders. Lacey of course killed me in both of the games we played, but we will be back!

My birthday celebration(s) has been great. It has been quite some time since we actually had a few dollars to spend during the first few months of the year, so I am grateful to God and his provision. I don’t think I am done, though. We have Valentine’s and me and Lacey’s 5 year anniversary coming up. More celebrating to come!

2 thoughts on “32

  1. 32. All illusion of youth is gone. Not by appearance. Not by lack of energy. Not by some mysterious sage-like wisdom. But maybe by some combination of the three. I’m GROWN. I’m THIR-TEE TOOO. It’s official.

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