Eating Healthy (Sorta)

Well, with Lacey competing in an IronMan (yeah), the least I can do is eat healthy dishes with her as she prepares, right? You know, as a way of supporting her and all…

Hitting up the gym consistently hasn’t quite worked out yet (I’m gonna get there, I promise), but eating healthy as a family has its benefits. As 32 has come and gone, I do strive to be healthier than I have ever been. It’s tough, though. I love good food that is not good for me, but I know that I need to establish discipline in this arena of my life. Not only for my own health, but for the health of Lacey and Jordan. Jordan tends to eat what we eat, so I do want to establish healthier eating habits for him. Besides, Lacey calculated how much we have spent eating out over the last 30 days. I won’t disclose the exact number, but it wasn’t cute. I think reality set in when I heard the number. We need to eat right – as good as some of the food was, it wasn’t that good – not for that amount. Thus, Burrito Grocery Shopping Fridays has been implemented into the Dibbles’ weekly schedule.

So, now that I have this HORRIBLE new job (I mean, goodness, it couldn’t get any worse) which gives me absolute schedule flexibility, Lacey and I have cooked much more regularly throughout the week (pics below).  I know myself and realize that the only way for this new diet to work is for me to have variety. I can’t eat baked chicken and brown rice for dinner everyday. I’d end up cheating on my diet with Wendy, Jack, Ronald, The King, Torchy…all of them, y’all. However, We have come up with a few favs: lemon turkey and rice, mesquite & maple salmon with sweet potatoes, and quinoa pasta with chicken and vegetables mixed in with spaghetti sauce. The spaghetti squash we made on our anniversary….not so much. It’s a hit and miss process for sure. If you have any healthy dishes you enjoy, please feel free to let me know. I’d appreciate it. I think if I can get a good rotation of 15-20 healthy but edible dishes, I’d be cool. At least until the IronMan is over. 😉

I’ll miss you Torchy’s ::whimper::, for moderation (at best) is our future. Pray for me.

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