Killin’ it in the Kitchen!


Baked Plantains with Home made Guacamole


So far so good! Lacey and I have cooked some amazing meals and are looking forward to Friday when we can further experiment in the kitchen. Some of the highlight meals thus far have been the sweet potato shepherd’s pie, the turkey meatloaf and mashed sweet potatoes, the sweet potato lasagna, and the curry chicken dish I prepared for myself for a post workout meal –  straight bangin’. (Pro tip – use lysol disinfectant spray to get those yellow turmeric stains out of your counter – Nothing else works )


Ground Chicken Meatballs With Homemade Pasta Sauce and Zucchini Pasta





Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie



Chicken Meatballs with Homemade Pasta Sauce and Zucchini Pasta



Taco Scramble with Ground Turkey



Taco Scramble with Ground Turkey



Turkey Meatloaf and Sweet Potatoes



Chicken Curry with Brown Rice



Orange Sesame Chicken with Brown Rice



Quinoa Pasta with Salad



Quinoa Pasta



Frittata (made in microwave)




Green Chile Chicken Squash Boats



Oatmeal with Berries



Ground Turkey Stuffed Bell Peppers



Turkey Chili over Plantains



Turkey Chili over Plantains



Honey Sesame Chicken



Lemon Turkey and Brown Rice with Asparagus



Stocked Up!



Ready for the week!



Sweet Potato Lasagna


11 thoughts on “Killin’ it in the Kitchen!

    • Good to hear, Kathryn! I primarily get my recipes from He is a friend of mine who is a master at creating healthy food that is never, ever boring. He has a Instagram page that is out of this world: Many of his recipes contain complex carbs – which for someone like me (who wants to bulk up) is great. But, for my wife who is wanting more lean muscle, we sometimes have to alter the dish a bit. So, next time we make the sweet potato lasagna dish for example (sooo good!), we’re gonna replace the sweet potatoes with zucchini slices. Fitmencook has a recipe for both. Lacey also likes We’ve found several great recipes from her site, but she has some not so healthy recipes as well.

      I’ll check out – always looking for other places where they have good, healthy recipes 🙂

  1. Wow, Darnell! I love the pictures, everything looks so yummy. Did you prepare all of those meals in one go & eat them throughout the week?

    • I sure do 🙂

      Actually, the pictures are from 2-3 separate cooking sessions. To prevent the meals from getting too stale, Lacey and I only cook about 3-4 different meals at a time. Each meal covers a lunch and a dinner, so we’re stocked up for 3 to 4 days. We cook twice a week. Each cooking session takes about 3 hours, but we’re trying to trim that down. Becoming more familiar with each new recipe (and Lacey not being 8 months pregnant) will help with that.

      • Wow! I am so super impressed & inspired! We cook one dish at a time, and sometimes decide to make extras to freeze it – you’ve brought it to a whole new level!

        I once made eggplant parmesan from scratch and it took me like 6 straight hours in the kitchen, so now I’m a bit scarred about staying in there too long. Three hours is not a bad tradeoff for 3-4 days of meals, though!

        Are you using any special tools to make meals less time-intensive? I’ll probably go the slow cooker route soon, that’ll be a fun and hopefully productive purchase 🙂

    • Hey Val –

      I have not bought them yet, but both a mandolin and veggie chopper will cut 45 minutes off of our prep time:
      Photo 7

      We have so many vegetables to cut and chop each week, it sometimes take just as long to cook the dish they end up in. I’ll keep you updated once I have bought those items and implemented them in our weekly prep!

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